Hospital Uniform

We are dedicated to bringing the fashion, comfort and quality of the ready-to-wear market to the functional apparel worn by healthcare professionals. You may have already noticed how Husnain Garments products bring a little more style and personality to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job. We are maker of hospital uniforms like Hospital and Medical Uniforms Supplier in Pakistan, Nurses Uniforms, Nurses Shoes, Nurses Blazers, Nurses Socks, Cotton Medical Uniforms, Doctors Uniforms, Doctor Lab Coat, Cleaners Uniforms, Patient Gowns etc.

Doctor Uniform

Doctors are a prominent hospital staff and Husnain Garments have been taking consideration of manufacturing descent and modest Doctor Uniform, which are in planned distinctively and give a significant look to the diligent doctors who have their very own priority at the hospitals. Husnain Uniforms ensure that these uniforms of the doctors are descent, no meticulous planning and have sensible pocketing in and out, so as to hang or keep instruments, for example, the stethoscope and substantially more.

Surgical Doctors Gown

Careful Doctors Gown offered by us produced using high quality texture and is highly suitable to the client's needs. This product is a standard model that covers the operating coat the neck to knee, with straps in the back and body parts in, long sleeves, with sleeves from 100% cotton on the edges.

Staff Uniform

Hospitals have significant staffs that continue working through the premises nonstop. Remembering them we have fabricated a scope of Staff Uniform. This particular sort of uniform is in full match up with the entire hospital's uniform theme and other things. Husnain Garments ensure that the cloth engraved in making these uniforms is of good quality, simple launder able. Additionally what we remember is the comfort level they ought to give along the simple and free streaming plan that is sufficiently decent.